Estate Planning

Estate planning is vital to ensure you are able to care for, provide for and protect your family, friends and loved ones after you have passed away. However, each estate varies – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in planning your estate. Cross Law understands that, and tailors our services to meet each client’s exact needs. Whether you have a simple estate or a very complex one, Cross Law can help. Planning for death or incapacitation is essential.

Estate planning involves myriad factors, from tax and asset assessments to guardianship of minor children, the disposal of assets after your passing, trust management, wills and a great deal more. However, they do not all apply to every situation. In a simple estate such as a person who is single, you might need little more than a robust will, while families in the Bay Area tend to need a revocable living trust. In a complex high net-worth estate, you might need solutions to handle business interests, multiple real estate holdings, investment earnings, the creation of trusts and more.

Not considering your estate plan can lead to serious complications and problems, even with simple estates. All too often, families become permanently divided while fighting over assets without a well-crafted estate plan in place. Other issues can include increased estate taxes, loss of business ownership, and even the inability to leave your specified beneficiaries the assets you choose. Your estate plan should also include medical and financial powers of attorney should you find yourself unable to communicate your wishes or otherwise incapacitated.

Cross Law creates tailored estate plans based on your specific situation, assets, goals and needs. We understand that each client is in a unique situation, and strive to provide 100% personalized service for our clients in the Bay Area. We don’t just plan your estate, though. We believe in educating our clients on every step in the process to ensure that you understand not only the importance of each estate planning step, but the repercussions of not taking necessary steps.

We help you plan to avoid probate and death taxes, providing for minor children and other planned giving aspects. Contact Cross Law to speak with us about your estate planning needs.

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